Anytrans Review: How to Use? Cheap vs Paid? Any Alternatives?

Anytrans Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Anytrans
  3. How to use Anytrans
  4. Is Anytrans free?
  5. Anytrans free vs. Paid
  6. Anytrans has virus?
  7. Anytrans alternative
  8. Final thoughts


Anytrans is one of those programs that you should definitely try using if you have an iOS device. In this complex review we will look at all the features of this app and how you can make the most of it for your iPhone or other iOS devices!

There are many programs and apps that will help you transfer music and other files from your computer to your iOS device and vice versa. But not all of them are as efficient as Anytrans when it comes to connecting your iPhone or iPad. And we will take a look at all the reasons why this is happening and how you can make the best out of this amazing and efficient software. This is one of the most comprehensive reviews on Anytrans that you will find and it contains all the information you need to decide if this is the app for you and if you like the way it helps you manage any type of file on your device. With no further due, let’s see why Anytrans is such a good iTunes alternative when it comes to transferring files to your iPhone or iPad!

What is Anytrans

If you never used Anytrans you might wonder why is it different than other similar apps such as iTunes. You can use Anytrans to transfer all types of files you want from your computer to your iOS device. And it is a lot more hassle free and easier to use than other apps.

Anytrans gives you the option to clone files, transfer files and schedule files that you can easily watch later on. You can synchronize two devices to enjoy the same entertainment content on both of them. At the same time, Anytrans gives you the option to create and download content from YouTube, DailyMotion or other platforms like that. If you want to check your backup files you can do that by using Anytrans on all types of devices you want to keep track on.

Anytrans integrates nicely with your iCloud account which allows you to manage the app with no problems. And you get all the instructions you need along the way so you will not have to be very technology savvy in order to make the best out of this app.   Anytrans is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone ipad and it is the best iTunes alternative for managing files in the iTunes library for all types of iOS devices. As you install Anytrans, this app comes with all rights reserved and it is very easy to use.

How to use Anytrans

Using Anytrans is not complicated at all. As a matter of fact, it is easier to use Anytrans than other similar apps and programs on the market. You can use Anytrans with all iOS devices and it will work smoothly. Generally however, the algorithm is similar regardless to the type of files you want to transfer.

Anytrans comes with a library similar to the iTunes library and it is an app with all rights reserved. You can use it successfully on any iOS items from iPhone ipad to iPod touch as long as you get the Anytrans for iOS version. Here is how you can use Anytrans in some easy steps!

1. Set up Anytrans

The first thing you will have to do before you start using Anytrans is installing it and making sure it runs properly on your device. You will install Anytrans on your main computer or tablet as you need by downloading the app first. Once you get the app, all you have to do is use the Install button and follow the instructions.

You should also make sure that your other iOS devices such as your iPhone or other tablets are connected to the main one. In most cases this connection can be made through an USB cable. You will notice that Anytrans will pick up your other iOS devices easily. There are situations when Anytrans might fail to identify the iOS device you need to connect to. If this happens, you can try to use the Troubleshooting steps option that comes in the Anytrans menu.

2. Select the files you want to transfer

The next step will be to choose the content you need to transfer. You will notice a Content section in your Anytrans menu on your computer. By accessing this section you can easily find the different categories of files you might want to transfer to your connected device.

You will only see as files available for the transfer only those files that are in the right format. So, you don’t have to convert anything to a different format in order to move, copy or clone a file from your computer to your iOS device.

Once you found the category and the files you want to transfer all you have to do is select them, and choose the preferred export form. You can choose to copy, or move files from one device to another as you please.

3. Complete your transfer

The final step of using Anytrans is to actually complete your transfer. After you chose the type of transfer you want, click the Next button and allow Anytrans to complete the process. This might take more or less depending on the size of the content you are transferring.

It is important to not disconnect your iOS device during the transfer. If you lose this connection, you will not complete the transfer properly and you might have to start the process all over again. On the other side, if you choose to move files instead of copy or clone them, you might as well lose the files completely.

Is Anytrans free?

Anytrans has a free trial version but in order to use this software you will have to purchase it. The good news is that you can use the trial version before you decide if it is the type of investment you want to make. Keep in mind that the trial version is limited in terms of features so you will not get a sample of the complete Anytrans potential, though.

It is important to understand the way Anytrans works, though, before you actually purchase it. With the free trial version you can only transfer up to 50 files from one device to another. If you want to transfer more files, you will have to buy the premium version of this software. Once you reach the limit of the free trial, you will be asked if you want to upgrade to the paid version.

We have to mention that there are few new updates you will have to get when it comes to Anytrans. If you don’t want to upgrade you can use older versions to transfer your music or photos as well as any other file you want to move between your iOS device and your computer. but it is essential to make sure the version of Anytrans you use is compatible with your devices. This app will work great on older versions of iPhone such as iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 and thanks to its adaptability you can use it to download videos or other file types as well. All these features are available in the paid version, though. So you shouldn’t expect to get them in the free trial.

Anytrans free vs. Paid

There is no complete free version of Anytrans to use but the trial version should give you a decent idea on how this software works.  There is no time limit on the trial of Anytrans. You will simply be notified to upgrade to the paid version once you pass the 50 files transfer limit. The features during the trial version are limited as well. You can transfer files of all kinds but you will not be able to use the iCloud in all its features. The features you get will depend on the device you use as well.

The paid version of Anytrans however, comes with all the features you might be interested in using. The great aspect about the paid version of Anytrans is that you get one subscription for a lifetime. There are two plans according to how many devices you aim to use this software on. If you want to use Anytrans on one device the lifetime subscription costs 39.99 USD, on the other hand, if you want to use Anytrans on up to five devices you will have to get the family subscription which is 99.99 USD.

If you are interested in this software, it would be wise to check its website as there are often discounts. The most common discount is on the family subscription which can be found at 59.99 USD if you catch a limited edition discount.

Both the single subscription and the family subscription include all the future updates of Anytrans.

On top of these two personal plans, Anytrans also has a business version. The business version could include ten computers for a price of 99.99 USD or unlimited number of computers for 499 USD. Just like the single and family packs, the business plans are also for lifetime.

The premium support of Anytrans is free only for the family lifetime pack and the business plans. When it comes to the single lifetime version, you might need to pay for premium support in case you need any help with your subscription.

Anytrans has virus?

One of the most important points you might wonder about is how safe Anytrans is. The risk of getting a virus should be analyzed, especially when you install a new software. Anytrans is recognized among the iOS compatible products as a safe software.

Anytrans has several certifications that claim this program is free of any viruses and it will not expose your devices to any risks. On the other hand, Anytrans is not even going to spam your computer or iPhone with ads or any spyware or malware files.

Besides these obvious safety aspects, you can rest assured knowing that your payment information is also under strict privacy policies. Your credit card details will not get to any third parties therefore, the payment is always safe with Anytrans.

The data you choose to transfer will also stay within you and Anytrans. Other parties will not have access to your files unless you authorize such an access. So, Anytrans is not only a secure software by itself but it also protects your files and everything you share.

Anytrans alternative

As we mentioned above, there are several software alternatives to Anytrans. But chances are that you will find it hard to identify a software that is just as good as this one. All the following apps are good iTunes alternatives as well as Anytrans alternatives when it comes to transfer music as well as transfer photos and even messages or other files.

– Anytrans vs Waltr

The best alternative to Anytrans is by far, Waltr. Waltr is a software made by Softorino and you can find it on their website if you want to give it a try. Keep in mind that Waltr is originally a MAC only app so you will not be able to use it on other types of devices unless you purchase it in a modified version which accommodates Windows.

As far as the cost goes, Waltr comes at a pricve tag of 39.95 USD for a lifetime and you will not have to pay for upgrades. It is easy to use and follow the drag and drop strategy which allows you to copy any file in a matter of minutes. A great feature Waltr has is that it converts files that are not compatible into a compatible format so that you can still enjoy them on your iOS device.

– Anytrans vs iMazing

Anytrans could compete with iMazing in terms of file transfer from a computer to an iOS device. IMazing runs on Windows and Mac and the features it comes with are similar to Anytrans. You can use it to transfer files as well as copy them and create backups.

IMazing comes at the same price of 39.99 USD for a single subscription but you will need to pay for certain upgrades. The fact that you will have to pay again in order to get a later version of this app makes it inferior to Anytrans, even if the other features are comparable.

– Anytrans vs iexplorer

Iexplorer could also be an alternative to Anytrans. The good news about iexplorer is that it comes with a free version you can try. The free version is however, limited in features so it might not satisfy you as it doesn’t allow you to transfer any files you want. If you want to remove these limits, the paid version is 35 USD and it allows you to transfer any type of files you want.

You will have to make sure the files you transfer are compatible with your iOS device though. Iexplorer will not convert them in a compatible format so you will have to make sure they already come in that format for the transfer to be successful. You can use this app to transfer files from your iOS device to your computer as well since it goes both ways.

– Anytrans vs copytrans

Copytrans will be an option to Anytrans as well, if you are looking for such an alternative. This app will help you send the files you want between your computer and your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device within minutes. It is a bit cheaper than Anytrans as the paid version comes at a cost of 20 USD. But you will notice soon enough that it has less features as well. There is a trial version of Copytrans that supports the transfer of 100 files. Once you reach this limit, you will have to upgrade in order to keep using this software.

Copytrans however, will upgrade faster than other similar apps so you might need to keep investing in it. Even if it seems more budget-friendly, you will most likely find it more expensive, considering the constant upgrades to go through in a lifetime. You will find that this app allows you to manage less file types than Anytrans and it might not work as smoothly when it comes to messages. But it will be efficient when it comes to music and photos transfer as well as other type of data you might want to have on your phone.

– Anytrans vs syncios

The last alternative to Anytrans you might be interested in is Syncios. Even if the features of this software are fairly similar with Anytrans, you will notice that it comes at a higher price. One lifetime subscription will cost you 44.95 USD and this is often a discount from a full price of 49.95 USD. However, you can find this software at different prices according to the version you choose to use. The most expensive version of Syncios is the ultimate version which includes all the features.

Syncios is also more difficult to use than Anytrans and you might need to contact customer support more often in order to fix potential issues.

Final thoughts

If you will start using Anytrans for pc, hopefully you will find this review extremely useful. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support team of this software. You will find all the help you need to transfer photos as well as other files and the customer service is very efficient. Anytrans is by far one of the best iTunes alternatives you will find on the market that allows you to transfer any iOS data and manage your iOS devices how you like.

Thanks to this software you will find no problem in connecting your phone to your computer, being it an iPhone or iPad. Anytrans supports iOS devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 as well as later versions of iPhone. You can use Anytrans on all iOS devices and on the iTunes library as long as the compatibility requirements are met. We find Anytransfer to be the best iTunes alternative on the market within its price range.

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