Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtone Wihout iTunes

Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtone

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to convert mp3 to iphone ringtone by using iRingg
  3. 4 reasons to use iRingg
  4. Is iRingg Safe?



If you have a song you love or a tune you appreciate and it comes in an mp3 format, you will be glad to find out that is not difficult to convert it into an iphone ringtone. As a matter of fact this is a very easy and simple process that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete.

There are several apps that will allow you to do just that but as in the majority of situations, some apps are better than others. If you want to use the best app on the market so you can convert your mp3 files into amazing ringtones, iRingg from Softorino is most likely your best choice.

We put together everything you need to know about doing that so you will not be left guessing any step of the process. Once you are done reading this complex guide you will know how to create a ringtone out of any mp3 file you choose.

Every time you search for how to convert mp3 to iphone ringtone online, you will get to apps that work with iTunes. Except iRingg which is also the best program for such a task.

How to convert mp3 to iphone ringtone by using iRingg

If you want to convert mp3 to ringtone iphone, iRingg is definitely one of the best apps to use. This software from Softorino is easy to use and extremely efficient. Here are all the steps you should apply in order to get this process complete as smooth as possible and personalize your iphone with unique ringtones!

1. Install iRingg on your device

The first thing you will have to do is to get iRingg from the website. Downloading the app is free and you can get the desired version of it according to the device you are using. In order to start using it to its full potential, you will be requested to purchase the paid version. As soon as you download the app, you will also receive all the guidance you need to get its full version and the plan that is appropriate for you. The trial version of this app lasts for 24 hours so you can try it for free for the first day. Once you get this program you will not have to wonder how to make mp3 ringtone iphone. This is the ideal app to turn mp3 into iphone ringtone with just one right click or two.

2. Connect your iphone to iRingg

You can use iRingg directly on your iphone or you can install this software on your computer. If you use iRingg on the computer you will have to connect the iphone to the other device by using a compatible USB cable. You can also use a wifi network if both devices are connected to it and the speed of the connection is fairly good.

Once your iphone is connected to iRingg, the app will start recommending you songs that you can convert from mp3 to m4r and use them as ringtones, alerts or notification sounds. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with these files!

You can choose one of the songs recommended by iRingg or you can do your own search and find your own songs online. Uploading your own mp3 is also a great option for this step.

3. Select the file or files you want to convert

You will have to open the song file of your choice and start editing it by using iRingg. This is easier than expected as you can select any part of the song by moving the selection area over the track. Once you found the part you want to convert into a ringtone simply hit enter. You choose the start time and the stop time as you please and click ok when you are ready and satisfied with your choice.

With iRingg you can do more than just cut the song file into the parts you want. It also allows you to add several effects to it and personalize it in an original way.

When you are done with the trimming process and you added the effects you wanted to, if any, simply hit Convert. The app will start converting your mp3 file to m4r file and save it as such.

4. Get your new ringtone to your iphone

You can now push to get the ringtone you just created from your computer to your iphone in just a few seconds. If you use iRingg onthe iphone directly, it should be even easier. In this case, all you have to do is access the file from the location it got saved at.

You will be able to save the sound as a ringtone or a notification and even an alert or special alarm. Feel free to get as creative as you want with your favorite tunes once you get them in the m4r format.

Most often, you will find the sound you want to use in the settings menu of your iphone. All you have to do is get in Settings and from there choose Sounds. From here on you can use your sound as you want.

Why should you use iRingg to create the best ringtones for your iphone

There are plenty of reasons to give iRingg a fair chance but many of them are subjective. Different users will prefer this app for different reasons. However, in general the fact that it is one of the easiest apps to use makes it win over other apps that help you do similar things.

1. Speed

With iRingg, you can complete the convertion of an mp3 file to an m4r file in less than one minute. M4r files are the type of files supported by iphone so you can use them as ringtones. And the fact that you can convert any mp3 file to an m4r file gives you the freedom to use almost any song you want as an alert or a ringtone.

2. No iTunes Required

There is no other similar app on the market that can help you create your ringtone by not using iTunes. Most of the other apps will have you use iTunes in order to complete this process. With iRingg, you only need 30 seconds to create the best ip[hone ringtone even without using iTunes.

3. 6 sense technology

Besides these advantages, iRingg uses the 6 sense technology. This technology offers iRingg a unique memory that helps it recommend you the best tracks for your taste. The app pay attention to your music preferences and it uses them in order to guide you towards songs you might like best. You can’t expect this type of memory from any other app. This 6 sense offers you the chance to discover new music that is exactly on your taste without spending hours looking for it which is a unique advantage on itself.

4. Transfering right into iPhone storage

Pushing the ringtone file to your iphone storage is so natural that you will not have to do anything. And you can make this happen for any audio file, which is an impossible task to reach through iTunes. With iRingg you can have your favorite music as iphone ringtone any time and it only takes a few minutes!

5. Cutom File Extension

Using iRingg also allows you to change the file extension and custom ringtone without iTunes music features. Make sure you get the copyright 2020 in order to use the latest version of this app. If you download it from the Softorino website you can be sure it is original and it comes with all the features you might be interested in. Plus, this software is compatible with all Apple devices as well as all MAC devices so you can use it on several ones as you see fit.

Is iRingg safe to use?

One of the main questions users ask when they look at a ringtone converter is how safe it is to use it on their iphone. The files you convert from mp3 to m4r by using iRingg will not affect your device at all. You can make iphone ringtone from mp3 any time you want and not worry about any potential issues. All the options of this app as well as its properties can be visible by using the right click menu as well.

Besides the fact that there are no risks attached when you use this software to convert mp3 into the ringtone you want, it is also very efficient.

Final thoughts

Converting mp3 to iphone ringtone is an easy task with an app like iRingg. And considering that you can’t use mp3 as ringtone iphone, you will love this ringtone converter. This app can help you make mp3 ringtone iphone from any mp3 file you might want to use. It works with any audio file and the great thing about it is that you will not have to use iTunes at all.

Don’t be amazed if you like everything about this ringtone maker as it comes with all the features you need to convert the mp3 into a music file accepted by your iphone. You will love the options tab as well as the fact that you can get info from customer service any time you need. this app comes with all rights reserved and it will not expose your iphone to any potential risk as you are using it.

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