3 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Using a good spy app is one of the best parental control methods nowadays. In a world where everyone tends to spend a lot of time online, the risks for your kids are increased. You will want to stay on top of potential hazards such as talking to strangers or engaging in inappropriate conversations.

But if you want to use a spy app correctly, you should opt for a hidden app. If your child is not aware of the presence of the spy app on their device, chances are that they will be trying to hide their activity less

With such a hidden app you can track everything your child entertains on their phone. You will be able to keep track of social media activity, messages, call logs, and even the location of the phone as well as other aspects.

In this guide, we put together a selection of the best spy apps that are also hidden in order to help you purchase the best one for your needs and expectations.

Disclaimer The best approach to installing a spy app on your child’s device or anyone else’s device is by informing them about it. If you don’t let them know, it wouldn’t be ethical.

Why should you use a hidden spy app

The main reason to invest in a hidden spy app is to protect your child from potential risks. Since you will be aware of their phone activity, you will be able to prevent less than pleasant situations. You will know if they are in school when they have to be and you will be able to limit their screen time in order to improve their health.

But this is not the only reason to use such a tracking app. You might want to use a hidden app to improve the trust level between you and your spouse. If you have doubts regarding their loyalty, such a spy app will help you clear out your mind. You will know who they are talking to and most of the content in those conversations. Likewise, if they are lying to you regarding their schedule or their location, you will get a notification with the real information. This could help you save your relationship or move on to a better and more genuine one.

Last but not least, you can use a monitoring app to track your employees. By knowing what they are doing during their work ours you will be able to improve the productivity of your company. This will also help you create a team that you can trust and that you can count on for all the ongoing and future projects you have.

Best hidden apps for Android

The following hidden spy apps will definitely not disappoint you. They have a great set of features and they are extremely easy to use. With either one of these monitoring apps, you can stay on top of all kinds of risks regarding your children. They will help you be aware of what your partner and coworkers are doing as well, in case you need help to build healthy relationships in your life!

#1 Spyic

The first app, that will allow you to exercise great parental control is this Spyic one. This app is ideal for knowing everything your kid is doing when they are on their phone.

Main features

The following features will come very handy as you are using Spyic. You will find each one of them useful and you will be able to focus exactly on what is important to you, according to who you are monitoring.

Tracking messages and call logs

Keeping track of text messages as well as call logs is essential. You will know the content of all the texts sent and received on the target cell phone. Even if your child erases some messages, you will still get notified about them. The same advantages happen for phone calls. You will be informed of the time and date of the call as well as the duration of it. At the same time you will be aware of the contacts your child interacts with.

Social media tracker

Teenagers but even younger children will most likely spend a lot of time on different social media accounts. With this tracking app, you can be aware of their chats as well as other activities that go on their profile. Spyic tracks social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and others.

Media file tracker

At times, the potential hazards are not present in texts or calls but mostly in the shared files. If your child receives pictures on their phone, you want to be aware of them and Spyic gives you this chance. You can also see the pictures sent from the target phone to different contacts.

It is completely hidden

Spyic is hidden on the target device. Your kid will not be aware of the presence of this app on their phone unless you let them know about it. It is recommended to tell your child about the existence of Spyic on their phone but if you are the one who purchased the phone you don’t have to.

Installation process

Installing Spyic shouldn’t raise any issues for you either. This spy app works great on iOS phones as well as on Android ones but the installation process is quite different.

As for the Android devices, you will have to get the phone in order to install and download Spyic. It is going to take a few minutes to download the app and go through the installation process so you can start monitoring.

For iOS phones you don’t need to get a hold of your target device. You can simply use the iCloud to install the app and start monitoring the phone you want.

Regardless of the type of phone you use, it is essential to create an account on the Spyic website. Use an email and password that you will remember in order to never lose access to your Spyic account. You will get all the information you need directly on your control panel.

#2 Cocospy

A second spy app that will remain hidden as it provides you all the data you need regarding the target device is Cocospy. Cocospy is ideal for tracking your child’s phone but it will be just as useful for tracking your spouse, your partner or your employees.

Main features

This spy app is full of useful features and interesting options that you will love to use in order to keep your child safe.

Texts tracker

With Cocospy, you can keep track of all the messages on the target device. You will know what texts are sent or received from it and the date and time of each message. This feature is useful if you use Copyspy to track your partner or coworkers as well.

Call logs tracker

By using Cocospy you will also be able to know the incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target cell phone. You will know who is contacting your child as well as who are the people they interact with most often.

Browser tracker

Sometimes, the browsing history gives us more information about the interests the user of the target phone has than anything else. Cocospy allows you to check the browsing history as well as the date and time spent on each website.

Social media tracker

As much time as young children and teenagers spend on social media, if you want to protect them, you should keep an eye on this activity. With this spy app you can read social media chats and check the contacts they talk to on different profiles.


Copyspy allows you to take screenshots as your child is using their phone. You can save valuable information by using this feature. Plus, you can see what your kid is doing at any time so if they should be in school, you can check their activity on their phone.

Phone location 

Assuming you misplace the phone or your child loses it during the day, the location tracker will help you find it. This feature will also be useful if you want to check if the user of the phone is in a certain place.

Installation process 

Installing Cocopy is similar to installing Spyic. You will get all the information you need from their website but the steps are somewhat easy to follow. Keep in mind that Cocospy is completely safe so you will not have to worry about privacy. This app is hidden as soon as you start using it so the user of the target device will not know about its existence on their phone.

First of all, it is mandatory to create a Cocospy account that you can easily access any time you need to. Use an email and a password that you can easily remember because you will get all the information you need on it.

Cocospy works great for both Android and iOS devices. For Android phones you have one option of installing this app while for iOS devices you have two options.

Installing Cocospy on Android means you will have to download and install the app on the target phone. Furthermore, you will be able to access the information you need from your device by using the Cocospy account.

#3 Spyzie.io

The last spy app that is completely hidden for the user of the target phone is this Spyzie software. Besides the fact that your kid will not be aware of this app, unless you tell them about it, you can use Spyzie to track what your spouse or friends are doing.

Main features 

Besides the common features that you will find in this Spyzie, you will also find some that are more unique to this impressive spy app.

You can block any app on the target phone 

There are many apps out there and chances are that not all of them are good for your child, especially if they are underage. If you are not comfortable with them using a certain type of app, you might want to block their access to it. Spyzie gives you this option right in your control panel.

Limit screen time

As many children tend to spend too much time on their phone and neglect other tasks they should fulfill, being able to restrict screen time is always a blessing. By using this feature, the phone will shut down when you schedule it to shut down and you will be able to control the healthy sleep pattern or other patterns of your child.

Basic text and call tracking

Besides blocking other apps and restricting screen time, Spyzie can also track basic information while being completely hidden. It will track texts, calls as well as shared media files. You will be aware of all your kid’s conversations and you can save them for future reference.

Social media tracking

The social media tracking is a common feature of many spy apps. This hidden monitoring app is great for keeping a close eye on your kid’s social media activity. You will want to know what type of people they communicate with and what type of information they exchange. And the best way to do that is by using a hidden app like Spyzie.

Installation process 

You can install Spyzie on both Android and iOS devices. You will have to create an account on the Spyzie website. Furthermore, you will receive a link on your email with the instructions you need to install this app properly on the type of device you want to track. Spyzie works great on both iOS and Android devices.

You will need to grab a hold of the target phone in order to install the tracking app. Put a name and age on the account and establish the settings to have the app working appropriately. You will have the “start monitoring” setting that you should activate before you use the app.

Final thoughts

Using a hidden app is important if you want to track the online behavior of your child, spouse, friend or employee. If the spy app is not hidden, you will find it more difficult to keep an eye on your kid’s true interests. Studies show that when people know they are being watched or tracked, they alter their behavior. But the spy apps in this selection will help you track whatever phone you want without having to worry about discretion.

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