How to Add MP3 to iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS Max Wihout iTunes

How to add mp3 to iPhone

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to add mp3 to iPhone using iTunes
  3. How to add mp3 to iPhone without iTunes
  4. Final thoughts


Adding mp3 files to your iphone is not as complicated as it might seem as long as you use the right methods. You will need a computer to work with as you are transferring files and using a compatible app to complete the process.

One of the most common apps to use in order to transfer or copy files from an iOS device to another is iTunes. This app comes already installed on most apple devices but if you don’t have it you can get it from the app store easily.

Using iTunes to add mps to iphone is fairly easy. The app will give you all the guidance you need through this task so you don’t have to use any of your previous knowledge in the matter. In this guide we will discuss everything about how you can add your favorite mp3 files to your iphone or ipad. The method is the same regardless of the devices that you use.

You will learn how to download mp3 to iphone by simply using a computer and your iphone or ipad. Instead of a computer, you can use a laptop or tablet as well as long as the operating systems are compatible with your other iOS device and the iTunes software.

How to add mp3 to iTunes on iphone

If you want to transfer mp3 files to your iphone device, you will need to install iTunes app on your computer. Go to your app store and download the iTunes app before starting to add mp3 files to your iphone. You will have to run the app and install it as well. Give it a try before you move to the first step of your music transfer process.

1. Connect your iphone to your computer

The first thing you will need to do is connect your iphone with your computer. You can do that by using an internet connection or a compatible USB cable. It is important to use the right USB cable in order to connect your two devices. Once your iphone is successfully connected to your computer, you will notice a notification icon in the toolbar.

2. Open your iTunes library and add your music

Since your iTunes is installed on your computer, all you have to do is open it. You will have to get in the iTunes library and see the files you have is where you will add new mp3 files as you please.

To add mp3 files to your iTunes library, you have to open the folder where you have them saved and drag them in the library. You can do that by using your mouse to drag each file or by using the right click menu and select copy then paste into the library. You can organize your files in playlists as well so you access them easier in the future.

3. Sync your iTunes music with your iphone

Now that all your favorite mp3 files are in your iTunes library, you need to sync them with your iphone. This is an easy step as well so there are no reasons of concern. You will need to open your iCloud to complete the syncing process.

Enable your iCloud library for the Apple ID you use by accessing the General tab. Furthermore, you will have to select the files you want to transfer and choose “Add to iCloud music library” feature.

In order to complete the syncing task you will have to click on the iphone icon in the bar. This will open your iphone menu so you can choose the Sync music function. You have the option to sync part of your music or all of your files at once.

How to transfer mp3 from computer to iphone without iTunes

If for some reason you don’t want to use iTunes in this process, there are other programs you can go for. One of these apps you can use is Waltr. This program is easy to use and you can download it in a matter of seconds as well. Here is how you can make the most out of Waltr if you want to transfer mp3 from computer to iphone! The steps to using Waltr are similar to those you would follow when you use itunes.

1. Download and install Waltr to your device

You can get the Waltr software from the Softorino website and install it in your computer. This step shouldn’t take more than a few seconds and there is a paid version you can get as you reach the downloading link. Once you download and install this app, you will see an icon on your desktop letting you know that the app was installed successfully. At this point you can connect your iphone to your computer and wait until Waltr picks up your device.

2. Run Waltr and use the drag and drop technology to send the files you want

Run your Waltr app and check its control panel. You will notice an icon that represents your iphone in the middle of your Waltr dashboard. This app should pick up on your iphone rather fast. You can connect the phone to the computer via an USB cable or a Wifi connection. All you have to do is drag and drop the files you want to transfer on your iphone into your Waltr program. Waltr help[s you transfer all types of files to your iphone as long as they are compatible with your device. You can use this app to transfer audio files as well as sync them to your music library.

3. Save your files on your iphone

If you are using Waltr to copy mp3 to iphone, all you have to do at the end of this process is save your files in your phone. You can sort them in different playlists or in your music files library. Once your transfer is complete, your files will be safely stored on your device. Getting music to iphone was never easier. And tranfering mp3 to iphone without itunes is possible thanks to Waltr and other similr programs. All you need to finalize this provcess is a computer and your iphone device as well as the music app of your choice. With such limited resources you can put any music filers to your iphone in a matter of minutes.

What method should you choose

When it comes to the best way to transfer mp3 to iphone, the method you go for will depend on the app you feel most comfortable using. As you can see, you can transfer mp3 to iphone as well as other file types without itunes.

With both of these programs it is fairly easy to transfer music to iphone from your pc. If you find the subscription for Waltr to be out of your busget, you will be glad to know that it comes with a trial version you can use. Plus, the Softorino website provides different discounts along the year so you can chase one of those and see which option suits you best.

You can use either of these programs to transfer mp3 to iphone once you converted it from youtube as well. But make sure to get a youtube converter program that works for your pc as well as your iphone. Once you save the converted videos on your pc it will be easy to copy them from your computer to your iphone.

It will help you to know what files you want to transfer besides mp3s before you choose the right data transfer tool. Also, regardless of the option you decide on, make sure you use the latest version of the program you prefer. You can find the latest version of Waltr for instance on the Softorino site. Both of these apps work for all iOS devices as long as there is no compatibility issue between the version you use and the type of device you have.

Final thoughts

The method you choose will depend only on your preferences and your resources. But when it comes to how to put mp3 on iphone, using one of these two options is your best bet. You can use any music app and find out how to play mp3 on iphone as well, once you completed the transfer process.

You can use itunes or Waltr for any types of files as long as they are supported by your iphone device. But if you want to transfer an mp3 file to your device, it should only take you a few seconds, while other types of files might take you longer. The time you spend on this will vary according to the size of the files as well as the amount of files you try to transfer at once. Use the app you prefer and get the media files you want on your iphone with no hassle!

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