How to Change Folder Color in Windows 10

How to Change Folder Color in Windows 10

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Folder Colorizer
  3. How to use Folder colorizer
  4. Folder Colorizer compatibility
  5. Price
  6. Final thoughts


If you are using Windows 10, there are several options you can apply in order to increase the aesthetic aspect of your desktop. Windows 10 uses applications that can enhance not just the fun but also the functionality of the entire laptop and operating system. One of the easiest things to do is to change the color of your folders.

You might want to change the color of the folders for different reasons. First, different color folders help you organize them easier. It also adds personality to your overall system and helps you find what you need even faster.

Changing the color of your folders in Windows 10 is not complicated at all. As a matter of fact there is an app created just for this purpose. You can use Folder Colorizer to set each folder to the type of color you prefer. Having your very own color code system becomes easy and very efficient. If you want to color folders in Windows 10, we have the answer for you so lets check it out!

What is Folder Colorizer

Folder colorizer is a folder color changer that is compatible with all laptops that use Windows 10 as their operating system. If you want to change color of folders in Windows 10, this is the type of app you need. You can download Folder Colorizer in just a few minutes from the website and have the folder colors you want just as fast.

You can use this app to enjoy colored folders Windows 10 and change folder colors as often as you want. The folder icon will remain the same but the folder color as well as the folder marker will change in the shade you prefer. This program is a folder marker free version but it also comes in a premium version. The premium version of the program allows you even more options in the context menu to colorize folders in Windows 10. You can use it to change folder background color in Windows 10 and apply the free shades you like to each one of your icons. And it works easy so you don’t have to worry about being technology savvy. So lets see how you can give your folders a new and improved look without having to search all over the internet for an option to do that!

How to use Folder colorizer

Using Folder Colorizer is extremely easy. All you have to do is download it using the website. Here you will find the latest version of this app and all the instructions to use as you get it to run on your computer or tablet.

The first step will be to get on the site and download the app. You will get a Folder Colorizer icon on your desktop as soon as the download is complete. Click on the icon to install and run the app. It should take only a few seconds to completely install the app on your computer.

The next thing you need to do is choose the folders you want to color. Right click on them and select Folder Colorizer from the menu. When you run your pointer over the name of this app, in the right click menu, a list of colors will open to your right.

Once you get to the list of colors all you have to do is select the color you want to use for your folder and right click on it. Your folder icon will get colored instantly and it will stay the color you chose. Repeat this step for each folder you want to color. You have the option to choose a different color for each folder as you see fit.

If you want to return to the original shade of yellow for all folders, all you have to do is choose this option from the drop down menu. Instead of choosing a color, you will be choosing “original color”. once you do this, your folder will look the same as it did before using Folder colorizer.

Uninstalling this app is just as simple as installing it. You will have to right click on the Folder colorizer icon and choose the Uninstall option. When you do that, your app as well as all its settings will be removed from your computer.

You will need to register with your email address in order to get the program on your device. If there are new updates of this app, you should also be notified about them without you having to search them out. If you need help with your installation, or with the best way to change folder color, you can always talk to one of the experts by using the Contact section of the Softorino website.

Folder Colorizer compatibility

On the site, you can find Folder Colorizer app on three different versions. One version will be compatible with Windows 7, another one with Windows 8 and there is a very efficient app for Windows 10. So this program will work on most types of Windows without much hassle. It is a versatile software that allows you to use all the colors you want to make your folders unique and attractive as well as functional.

The installation of this app will vary according to the operating system you use. But when it comes to Windows 8 and Windows 10, this process is identical. Using Folder colorizer is the easiest way to change the way your folders look in Windows 10 without installing any other software. By just downloading one file you get all you need to enjoy a new look every time you check your desktop . And you can change the icon colors as often as you want as well by using the same folder marker.


Folder Colorizer comes in a free version that allows you to color your folders in basic shades. However, if you want to use any color in the hue range, you can invest in the premium version of this app. The premium version comes at a price of 10.95 euros which is roughly 12 USD. The price includes VAT and all the other taxes so it is the final amount of money you will pay.

If you choose the premium version of Folder Colorizer, it will be a one time purchase. There is no monthly subscription or yearly subscription. You can pay for your Folder Colorizer app with your creditcard, paypal account and even by wire transfer. There is also the option to use a promotional code for a discount to this price if you own such a code.

The premium version of Folder Colorizer gives you the chance to add any color you want to each one of your folders. You get to choose and even combine colors in order to create special hues.

Final thoughts

This Windows 10 color folders app is just what you need to change the look of your folders in a matter of seconds. You can use this folder marker free or purchase the premium version of the program. Either way, there is no need to stick to the default color of your folders when you can custom it easily with Folder colorizer.

Once you change the look of your folders, your entire desktop will look different. You can easily add any color by choosing one of the custom options of this program. the premium version of Folder colorizer offers you even more colors than the free one. Make your folder icons look just the way you want them to look by using this free folder marker from Softorino!

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