How To Transfer Music From PC To iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS Max Wihout iTunes

2 Ways How to Add Music from Computer to iPhone using iTunes and Waltr

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Enjoying your music on your iPhone is one of the best ways to make the most out of your phone. You can sync music as well as download music to your iPhone without any hassle but you will need to know how to do that in a simple yet efficient way.

In order to have your favorite music at your fingertips all the time you might want to consider two methods that are efficient in copying your files from computer to iPhone. You can transfer music from computer using iTunes or using Waltr. If you are not familiar with these ways there is no need to worry.

This guide will explain you everything you need to know about iTunes and Waltr and how to use these programs to download music to iPhone or any other iOS device you might be using! Getting music from your PC to iPhone has never been easier and the good news isthat you can do this with or without iTunes.

How to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone

The first method that we should address involves using iTunes. This is the most familiar way to transfer music to iPhone from your computer. However, we will see furthermore that this is not the only way to do it.

Actionable steps

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  2. Make sure iTunes is installed and running
  3. Add music to your iTunes library
  4. Sync your music

In depth guide

Now that you are aware of the main actionable steps to add music to iPhone, we should look at an in depth tutorial that will help you in the process. It is not complicated and you shouldn’t have any issue implementing these steps as you go.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer

The first thing you have to do is get your iPhone connected to your computer. You will need a transfer cable that is compatible with both devices but you can also use your WiFi connection. However, the most common way to connect your phone with your computer is by using an USB cable. Most likely your phone came with one of those but if it didn’t, you can easily find them on the market.

2. Make sure iTunes is installed and running properly

In order to transfer music from computer you will need to have a version of iTunes installed and running. You will open your iTunes app or program and allow it to read the data of your iPhone. There should be a few manual clicks on prompts that say “Continue” until you hit the “Trust” prompt.

When you are done with this step, your computer and your phone should be in sync with each other. This will make it easier for you to complete the process and get music from PC.

3. Add music to your iTunes library

The next thing to do will be to add the music files you want into your music library of iTunes. You will have to use the “File” section and the “Add file to library” section to complete this step. But once you are transferring your music to your music library, it will be easier to get it on your phone.

Click on the music section to see the songs you have in your music library. If you are satisfied with your selection, you are ready for the next and final step.

4. Sync your music

Now you are ready to sync your music and enjoy it on your iOS device as you please. To do that you will have to go into “Settings” section and choose “Music” from which you get to “Sync music”.

When you are here, you can choose to sync the entire playlist or just the songs you want. Either way, it should take only a couple of minutes or even less to complete the process. Before you know it, you will have all the music you want on your iPhone!

How to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes (Waltr)

You can transfer music from your computer to your iPhone by using Waltr as well. As a matter of fact, Waltr is an even more efficient way to do that and it will bring faster results if you use it correctly. Waltr is the best alternative to getting music to iPhone without iTunes. So, for those of you who were searching information regarding how to “put music on my iPhone without using iTunes”, this section will help you significantly.

Waltr is a program with all rights reserved, just like iTunes and it is a great way to connect computer to iPhone. If you never heard or used Waltr, here are the steps you should follow in the process!

Actionable steps

  1. Get Waltr on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC
  3. Transfer your music

In depth guide

In order to copy music from PC to iPhone, all you need is your iPhone, computer, a transfer cable and a reliable internet connection. You are ready to transfer the music you want to your iPhone without any trouble by following these steps!

1. Get Waltr on your computer

One of the most important things you will have to do is get Waltr on your PC. You can find this program on the Softorino website and it is fairly easy to download so you can start sync music. It should only take you a couple of minutes to get the Waltr on your PC. Once your Waltr is installed, you will find it very easy to move music from your computer to iPhone by using the drag and drop classic method.

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC

Connecting your iOS device to your computer shouldn’t be a problem either. You will need a cable that is compatible with both your computer and your iPhone. Waltr should be running as you do this so it will pick up on your phone. After the connection is complete, you will notice that Waltr will pick up your phone start syncing with it.

Once your computer and your iPhone are connected, you will be able to transfer the music you want to your phone. There is no need to use iTunes when you have this alternative to get music from PC in a couple of minutes.

3. Transfer the music you want

All you have left to do now is transfer your music from your computer to your phone through Waltr. You will see a phone image in Waltr account. Use the mouse to drag the files you want on your phone to that image. It is easy and it takes very little time. By simply doing this, you will have your music on iPhone any time you want to enjoy it!

How to transfer music from Mac to iPhone

If you have a Mac and you need to transfer music to your iPhone, you will be pleased to find out that this is not complicated at all. Basically, you can use both the iTunes method and the Waltr method to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone and it will take you just minutes to copy it.

An additional method to get your music on your iPhone if you have a Mac is to use Dropbox. This method is very simple and you will not need any special training for it. All you have to do is download and install Dropbox both on your Mac and your iPhone. Once you did that, log into the same Dropbox account on both devices and upload the files you want.

You will be able to access all the files on your Dropbox account regardless to the device you use to log in. So. If you want to transfer music from your Mac to your iPhone, simply add the files to your Dropbox from your computer and access them from your iPhone.

Can’t add music to iPhone: possible reasons

There might be times when you find it difficult to add your favorite music to your iPhone, even if you followed all the recommended steps. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Most of the times, you will have problems if you use iTunes as Waltr tends to be a lot more efficient when you transfer your favorite songs or albums.

The file format is not compatible

The most common issue you might encounter if you use iTunes to transfer your music is the file format. Apple supports certain file formats but not all of them. It is compatible with AIFF and CAF but also MP3, MP4 or WAV, AAC and Apple Lossless. But you might have files in the APE or Flac and WMA format. In this case you will not be able to sync your files with iTunes so you will need to switch to Waltr.

Your transfer cable is not compatible with your devices

The USB cable you use has to work for both your iPhone and your computer or tablet. If your cable is not compatible with one or both of your devices, the music transfer or any other transfer will not be possible. This is because you will not be able to connect your devices together and it can be extremely frustrating. Choose a universal transfer cable or check the compatibility of the cable before you purchase it to avoid such a situation.

Final thoughts

This guide will help you to move music from computer to iPhone with no hassle if you follow the actionable steps. Keep in mind that iTunes will sync your music files. If you want to copy music to iPhone, you are better by using Waltr. With Waltr, you will be able to put music on iPhone easy and with no effort. You can use Waltr on your laptop and drag and drop music to iPhone any time! Once you follow this guide you should have no trouble whenever you want to transfer music from PC and you can do that as you please, with no restrictions.

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