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iPhone Ringtone Maker


If you want to create a special ringtone for your iPhone, there are many options you can work with. There are several programs you can use to enjoy different ringtones on your iPhone.

We gathered the best information regarding iphone ringtone maker app as well as the best alternatives to it. Once you read this review of ringtone maker for iPhone you will know exactly how to make your ringtone and manage other sounds in your iPhone library.

How to use ringtone maker for iPhone

If you never used ringtone maker for iPhone, there is no need to worry. This app is very easy to use and you can create amazing ringtones with it. Here are the main steps to follow with this app in order to make the most out of it!

1. Run the ringtone maker app on your iPhone

The first step to do is to run your ringtone maker app on your phone. You will have to download and install it previously, in case you don’t have this app on your phone by default. Once you open the app, you will be guided to open your music library and explore your options in terms of creating the ringtone or alarm you want.

2. Choose your music content

Open your music library and find the song or music clip you would like to use. You can create more than just a ringtone with this app. Use it to customize text notifications as well as other types of alerts and alarms with the music you have in your iPhone.

You will be able to select 40 seconds of the song or clip you want and convert it into a ringtone. The 40 seconds is the maximum length of ringtone available for iPhones. You have the option to play the ringtone in order to see if you are satisfied with it. If you don’t like your selection, feel free to choose another part of the song until you create the perfect ringtone for you.

3. Save your ringtone

Once you created your desired ringtone all you have left to do is save it. You will find on the dashboard of the ringtone maker app, a save button that you can use to save your ringtone. You should find the final ringtone or alarm version in your library. From this point on, you can easily select the ringtone and set it up as the type of alert you want to use it for.

The entire process of creating a ringtone for your iPhone shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. This is a simple and accessible process that you will love to use anytime and you can personalize your iPhone in a very attractive way.

What is the best ringtone maker for iPhone?

Ringtone maker app is not the only app you can use to create the ringtone you want. But it is definitely one of the easiest and most convenient to use. It is a safe app and you will not have to cover any extra fees to use it.

You will love the fact that this app is very efficient and it comes with all the features you might be interested in. Plus, with this app you can get music from your iTunes library, personal recordings, Dropbox, iOS music library and others.

You can easily transfer your created ringtones between your iPhone and your computer or other compatible devices as well. You will be able copy, transfer and use your ringtone on any device you want.

Apps to use along with ringtone maker

Making your perfect ringtone is only half of your task. In order to get your ringtone on all your iOS devices you will have to transfer it to them. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to assist you with this task as well! You can get any of the following apps and start using it in order to convert your audio, video or song files in an mp3 format or other types of formats that your iPhone supports.


iTunes is the main iPhone supported app that you can use. It will allow you to transfer any type of files you want as long as it is iOS compatible. And you can use your iCloud account to transfer your files, without having to worry about cables.


If you don’t want to use iTunes due to various reasons, Anytrans is one of your best alternatives. It will help you transfer any type of music to your other iOS devices by using an USB cable or your iCloud account. This is not a free app but it comes with a lifetime subscription and you will not have to worry for updates.

Wondershare tunes go

Another alternative you have when you need to transfer your ringtone to other iOS devices or transfer any other music, photos or different files is Wondershare. Downloading this app is free and it comes with plenty of features to help you make the best out of it. There is a paid version if you want to use Wondershare to its full potential as well.

Aiseesoft iphone ringtone maker

If you are looking for a transfer app that will also allow you to create interesting ringtones, you might like Aiseesoft iPhone ringtone maker. This app comes in a free and paid version and it allows you to create a ringtone from both music and video files. You can add different effects to the ringtone you create and export it to your iPhone’s library or any other iOS device you want. However, to use all the features of this app you will have to invest in the paid version.

Final thoughts

So, if you are looking for the best iPhone ringtone maker, this app will definitely not disappoint you. It is compatible with any MAC device as well and you can use it to make ringtone on the go as you get inspired. All you have to do is access your audio files and create a new ringtone from one of them. This app makes ringtones in a matter of minutes and even seconds so you will not have to waste any time with this iPhone ringtone maker without iTunes.

This app comes with all rights reserved and it can convert any audio file into the ringtone format you want. For any questions, you can contact customer support and they will assist you in all your potential problems directly. At the end of the day, ringtone maker for iPhone will help you create and change any type of ringtone you want being it mp3 or mp4 format. And the best thing about this app is that it is completely free! and easy to use!

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